MN to CA Day 4: From the land of NO trees to the land of MANY and large

Saturday, August 30, 2003. 425 miles in 9 hours

See the Photo gallery for a lot more photos of this trip.

Gee, Bobby, looky at all them trees!

Morning in Winnemucca. I had been introduced to another cat at check-in and it was waiting to meet the rest of our party in the morning. We had an uneventful packing anyway, and made our way across Nevada and up the Sierras. As is my habit, I  succumbed to the temptation to take a several hour detour around Lake Tahoe. After the white knuckle descent towards the Lake, and a few miles along the shore, we were in California at last – the land of more and bigger trees than even Bob can handle, and where the majestic mountain lion still roams, though in ever decreasing numbers, as civilization makes its relentless land grab. The land of our future life full of opportunity and fun!

Bob immediately moves in behind the counter to start working!


And who is the Prime Purveyor of that fun? Bob, the Human! Bob, meet Bob. Bob, Bob. Bob Borden owns Fantasy Books and Games, and without him being here, we probably wouldn’t be here now, at least at this time. I’ve known him for 20 years and it was our phone conversations over the last year that led to this big move.

Bob is happy to meet the old guard. And vice versa. Bob the Human has a Bijon named Scary, who comes to work every day. This is like the Bizarro Episode of Seinfeld. Another comic store, another busy corner, another dog, another set of customers. Maybe it’s the road fatigue, but it IS starting to feel a little creepy. Let’s get to wherever we’re staying tonight and get some sleep!

So another 40 minutes of driving, and we arrive at our new home in Castro Valley, a “suburb” of Oakland. We are moving in with Eric and Phillip, and I have a “suite” with a private bathroom, which should work better for having a catbox that doesn’t offend anyone else. There is a little shed in the back, for my bike and miscellaneous storage. I brought a futon matress in the back seat and plan on buying a frame and I’ll be setting up shop in Bob the Human’s warehouse soon. The first of two crosscountry moves is a success!

Okay, now what?




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