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Please Excuse the Mess - while we work on the siteWell, I’m not sure why you are, but you’re here and you deserve an explanation. I’ve been working a very demanding job for 6 years, and therefore Comicopolis.com has been the victim of neglect. Since you are seeing this page, the site is currently under construction. At some point it will be ready and you will find yourself at the new, improved Comicopolis.com online store. In the meantime, please feel free to look around at what we started building here at the College of Comic Book Knowledge.  You can get some of my background in our About page and in the History Department. THANKS!

Once we get going, you’ll find a very large array (cosmology reference there) of Wallace and Gromit items; WizKids’ Mage Knight, Marvel and DC HeroClix, and Halo ActionClix; Marvel and DC statues; Simpsons comics and WOS talking figures and playsets; Action Figures; Moebius and Blueberry Graphic Novels from 1988; and hundreds of other paperback and hardcovers from the world of comics.

Here’s what we have on eBay right now! Here’s what people are saying about us on ebay!

Keep us bookmarked, or submit a Contact Form for email updates. THANKS again.


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